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The road to recovery…

The road to recovery…

Over the last month or so, it would have been hard to miss two stories that have been circling around social media. Nick Willis and Terry Crews, two much loved and high-profile men, have both opened up about their past struggles with pornography. Both having been exposed at the age of 12, their use of porn became obsessive and began to impact the way they viewed the world; Crews, an American actor and former american football player, said that “people became objects to be used rather than people to be loved.

Both admissions have created a stir resulting in much media attention but why did they both decide to go so public with an issue which is actually very personal?

Whatever their intentions, as you scroll through the comments on the posts, it becomes very clear that speaking out has allowed others to open up. Many have taken to thanking the men for their bravery, boldness and courage which has given them hope in their own personal situation. Willis, New Zealand Olympic medallist, wrote on his Facebook post, “breaking the silence is worth it if even only one person succeeds in winning his/her battle.”

Nick Willis photo

If you’re someone who struggles with pornography, perhaps you also admire their willingness to share and desire to triumph in the battle. We believe that the same freedom that Willis and Crews have experienced is possible for you too.

Bethany, our youth and schools worker, was exposed to pornography at the age of 9 and continual exposure led to an addiction to pornography for 12 years.

“After so many years of watching porn, I realised that it was affecting my mind, my health and the way that I viewed other people. I wanted to stop but when I tried, I couldn’t. I knew that, as hard as it was, I had to tell someone.” 

The first step on the road to recovery for Bethany was to confide in her small group leader at Church who then journeyed with her through the struggle. Both Willis & Crews also took the first step in opening up about their struggles.

We’re not suggesting that you should post a confessional video on your Facebook account but you do need to find someone who you trust, who you know will root for you and support you. Perhaps a youth worker, a pastor, a trusted friend or a parent?

Want some help but not sure who to tell?


Click to Kick is an 8 session recovery programme centered around accountability. It is confidential and facilitated by a trained therapist.

For more information, visit our Click to Kick website.





You can listen to Terry Crews’ story here.

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