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Schools & Youth Resources

National School Team

Our vision is to continue to grow our national schools team, offering trained educators to effectively deliver lessons and presentations on the subject of pornography. We also aim to develop our lessons materials, creating a schools pack that local schools workers can deliver themselves. Fundraising target £50,000 per year

Youthwork Website

create a comprehensive online resource for youth workers which will include a 6 week curriculum and a menu of additional content (games, discussion starters, testimonies and scripture). Fundraising Target £15,000

Parents Workshops

Naked Truth's Parents Workshops called ‘the PG workshop’ equips parens to tackle and talk about porn in the home. Throughout 2016 we aim deliver a national tour across the UK hosted by Churches and Schools. As a follow up resource for the tour, we will provide a free parents pack. Fundraising Target: £3000 for PG Tour


Guerrilla Art

Following the success of the ‘How Good Is Porn’ and ‘Porn Warps My Heart’ campaigns, we would like to update the website. We also plan to commission and create new public art projects, including replicating the existing campaigns in other cities. Fundraising Target £3500

Pop Up Art Exhibitions

We intend to commission artists to create challenging artworks and develop a ‘pop-up art exhibition.’ The exhibition would be held in temporary gallery spaces and would be toured around different cities. Fundraising Target for Exhibitions in 3 Cities- £12,000

Short Film Competition

We plan to launch a competition for both professional and amateur film makers to make a short film that tackles the issue of pornography. Films will be uploaded to a dedicated website which explains the issue and will be shared via social media. Fundraising Target £3000

Tools & Training for Churches

Naked Truth Conferences

Our conferences provide training and tools for churches; to equip them to give pastoral support to their communities, families and individuals. Each conference includes input from world experts in the field of porn addiction. We plan to deliver conferences in 2-3 more cities in 2016. Fundraising Target to develop conferences: £3000

Teaching Pack

We seek to create a comprehensive churches pack that can be used in various contexts throughout church life, for example, Bible based teaching materials for small groups, sermon materials/outlines, materials for mens and womens groups about faith, sex and relationships. Fundraising Target £3000

P_Word Church Pack

In June 2016, Naked Truth joins with Care UK to host our first national P_Word Conference for Church Leaders. This is an unique follow up education and awareness resource for churches. We plan to film conversations with experts (a neuroscientist, a psychotherapist, parliamentarian etc.) and those affected by porn addiction (an ex porn star, the partner of an addict, a pastor etc.) The interviews will be transcribed to create a book which will give Christians a broad understanding of the issue and practical ideas and principles to apply to their context. The films will also be used to create small group materials so churches can discuss and pray for their culture, children and church. We also intend to use the interviews to create a documentary. Fundraising Target: £20,000


Recovery Groups

Click to Kick Online Grps

In March 2015 we launched our first online support groups. ( We aim to have one group available every day of the week the end of 2016 with groups that would be available to adults & youth, churched and unchurched. Fundraising Target £10,000

Local Recovery Grps

Led within local churches, we aim to see support groups for both individuals battling with porn addiction and separate groups for partners/family members. This year we hope to develop the course materials and provide training for group leaders. Fundraising Target £6,000

Recovery Website & App

Online Help

Our ambition is to launch a new recovery website and app, with advice and online support and, where needed, referral to endorsed professional counselling. There is currently no UK-based resource for those struggling with online porn which is aimed at both churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike. Fundraising target £45,000